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I’m back!  I also finally finished a book that I have been working on with an editor for the last seven years. 

"Almost a millennium of peace reigned in the world of Zaidna after the Dread God Anoth killed his sister and lost his master to an unknown fate. In his absence, the high races of Zaidna flourished, united in common prosperity and in worship of the Goddess. Little did they know of Anoth's obsession over reclaiming his old world and taking himself a royal bride.

In the present, Kirin, a talented but naive priestess-in-training, has begun to experience nightmares, a phenomenon that is supposed to be impossible for women born under a high house of ormé. Fearing the judgment of the clergy and her peers, she withdraws, only to be called to meet with the holy prophetess, who is in direct communication with the Goddess. But Kirin discovers that secrets abound in the shadows of the noble caste, and there is more to the blessings of the Goddess than there seems...”

Cover vol1 final by Bo-Po-Mo-Fo

If you have the time, please check out a sample.  Maybe you’ll like it.  Or not!
I now have a tumblr.  I still plan to remain active on dA and do most of my socializing here.  Tumblr is just kind of an experiment for me.  I still don't get it, but it's useful for posting works in progress and closeup shots of some of my finished works.

Follow me on tumblr if you feel like it!
It's been a while since I've posted any art :\  I feel kinda bad about it.  I haven't gone inactive or anything and definitely haven't stopped drawing, but I've been going through some stuff recently and have been feeling pretty down in the dumps in terms of health.  And since I've been feeling so rotten I'm kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as creativity is concerned.

On the bright side, I am forcing myself to refine some old stuff from one of my sketchbooks (because I can't think of anything original right now), so hopefully I'll be posting something new soon. :)
Hey all!

So I realized that I have a lot of watchers and some of them I have a pretty good rapport with and others not so much.  It’s weird because it seems to me that when I was on DA years and years ago that people were a lot better about making lasting friendships.

I know that most people don’t pay any attention to journals, but I kinda want to get to know you guys better.  So tell me about yourselves—your interests, your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions, the things you do!  I’m a really nice person, so feel free to ask me about myself, too!  Let’s open up the communication!  I promise I won't be a creep. ;)

Hey guys!

So in the past I have been commissioned by different companies to write and illustrate a couple different storybook apps for mobile devices, but I've finally gotten around to publishing one that is entirely original!

The storybook is called Float Away, Bobby.  It's about a boy who can't stop floating!  I wrote it in part as a Mother's Day gift for my mom, who died of ovarian cancer five years ago.  Right now the app is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Here's a link to the Google Play version.…

Here's a link to the apple version:…

Here's a link to the amazon app store version:…

If you're inclined to pick up a copy for a kid in your life (or just because you like me ^-^) please leave a review and I will love you forever!

Oh yeah, and more serious digital watercolor illustrations are coming soon!

Title by Bo-Po-Mo-Fo
Hey guys!  So my husband is an avid gamer and imports lots of Japanese games.  He has learned tons of Japanese while helping to develop Lexikeet's Japanese program, so now he wants to help other people play games that likely won't be imported into the US.  He has created a blog called Japanese Game Guy ( ) to do just that!

Also, check out this video that my dorky brother-in-law made.  It shows Lexikeet's Japanese program in action, although it doesn't give you a taste for any of Lexikeet's grammar principles, verb conjugations, or handwriting functions.

And don't forget to check out Lexikeet itself at

If you haven't seen how Lexikeet works yet, you should check out this video that my brother-in-law submitted to his youtube channel.  It showcases how the Mandarin Chinese program works in Lexikeet.

The Japanese and Spanish programs have some similar features, including handwriting for Japanese!

I really wasn't expecting Ganondorf to be the winner of my fan art poll since I just kinda chucked him out there, but you know what?  I'm excited to draw him!  He's one of the more interesting characters out there and we don't know a whole heck of a lot about him.  Hopefully I can do him justice.  I have one more painting I have to finish up and post (really not happy with it) before I begin sketching Ganondorf. 

I did, however, begin to research different drawings of Ganondorf on DA, just to see what other artists have done, and I gotta say, there are some pretty freaky ones of him out there.  Especially the naked ones.  There was a pretty awesome one of him wearing a loin cloth with his gut hanging out over it that I really liked, though.

So now I gotta ask, should I draw him young or old?  Skinny or fat?  Alone, or should I give the Ganondorf x Zelda shippers some love?  Post your suggestions and let's discuss!

Hey guys! Our new web-based language learning software, has just released its Japanese and Spanish programs to the public. 

We busted our butts to get everything finished since our soft release of Mandarin Chinese, now it's finally done! 

One thing I really like about the Japanese program is that I've been learning hiragana, katakana, and kanji, so I'm one step closer to finally being able to read all the manga that's just been sitting in my house for the last ten years.  Plus, it only takes me fifteen minutes a day!

Lexikeet is running a special 50% off introductory sale on all of its language packages.  So with a free trial and a sale price of just $9.99 a month, there's no good reason not to try it out if you have any interest in Japanese, Spanish, or Chinese. :)

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!  And be sure to click the links above if you want to know what the Japanese and Spanish programs have to offer.

And don't forget to check out the video below if you haven't seen it already!  Our proprietary software tracks your time, your goals, and your strengths and weaknesses, fully catering itself to your individual learning style!

Hey guys, after spending two years in development, I’m finally happy to announce the release of our brand new language learning software, which customizes itself based on your time, your goals, and your strengths and weaknesses!

Lexikeet Logo by Bo-Po-Mo-Fo

You can try it out for free at We only have Mandarin Chinese available at the moment, but Japanese and Spanish are coming soon. And come to think of it, I MAY have some Japanese and Spanish beta keys to give out if you ask nicely. . . . :)

I’d really appreciate it if you would spread the word with your friends and family, especially if you have or know somebody with an interest in Mandarin Chinese. And be sure to check out our marketing video! I just so happened to write it and I did all of the voice acting for it. ;)

Thanks, everybody!
I finally got around to creating a youtube channel!…

I'll be using it to post sped up versions of my paintings.

Here is part one one of three.  The rest you can find from the link above. :)

I finally got around to creating a youtube channel!…

I'll be using it to post sped up versions of my paintings.

Here is part one one of three.  The rest you can find from the link above. :)

I'm back from Australia and I have got the WORST jet lag ever.  I go to bed at 10pm each night and wake up at 2am.  Then I'm up until about 9am, when I get slammed over the head with sleepiness.  It sucks because I have some massive deadlines for work right now.  But hey!  I had an epic trip and now I have a nice soft kangaroo skin on my living room floor, and more kangaroo scrotums than I know what to do with (Christmas gifts).

Hopefully I'll be able to put up another painting soon.  I've been experimenting with some new painting techniques in order to do some more dynamic light and shading, but so far nothing really works with my current digital watercolor technique. :|  Maybe one of these days I'll figure it out. Just gotta keep trying.
I've spent the last ten days or so in Australia, with another ten to go, and I absolutely love it!!

I feel like Americans only get to see one side of Australia.  I always imagined it'd be very dry and dusty, and everybody would be like The Crocodile Hunter or Crocodile Dundee.  It's very wet, green, and beautiful here.  And the residential areas remind me so much of the bay area it makes me a little homesick for California.  Outside of the city (we're staying in Melbourne), the countryside looks just like parts of Northern California.

Everybody is very friendly here.  The food here is fantastic.

So far I haven't seen any weird spiders even though it's summer here now.  But maybe that will change.

The only thing I haven't liked is the flies.  We went to Mornington Peninsula and hundreds and hundreds of flies just attacked us.  That was really awful. :)
I've officially been given a deadline of three weeks to wrap up as much artwork as I can in time for the beta release of our new software.  So, what does this mean for me?

It mostly means I'm going to be buried in Flash and user interfaces for a while and have some insane hours.  I have to figure out how to make our UIs both attractive and easy to navigate, which isn't as simple as it sounds.  Plus, there are some random designs to finish up and lots and lots of polish to apply. much polish I don't know where to start....

Anyhoo, to those who care, I don't think I'll be able to post as much serious artwork as I'd like to during that time (which probably won't matter much because I'm already so sloooow).  I will try to make time to post some silly/less detailed stuff, though! :D

Wheee!  Time to get to work!